About Us

Commitment | Innovation exceeding exceptions | Reliability.

With the aim to contribute towards the advancements in this IOT era, which is already going mainstream, Since 2021, We at v-ismart, after extensive research and development, by setting up the development processes designed in the US and France, with the top notch R&D team comprising the experts of hardware and software fields, successfully started manufacturing the wide range of products based on Iot Technology in the markets of MENA Region (Middle East and North Africa) as an OEM Provider to various Home Automation companies.

Our Skills

Aspires to be the one stop solution provider for all kinds of automation

v-ismart is pioneer in automation, machine learning, artificial intelligence based on IoT technology and today is the world’s leading one stop AI powered integrated IOT automation solutions provider, passionate in providing world class patented technologies that qualify international standards. We are committed to revolutionize the smart way of living.

For the new companies in IOT space, electrical appliance manufacturers or business establishments that don’t have in-house expertise to implement or adopt IoT, v-ismart helps  minimize the Capex / R&D / Operational costs and provides ready to use, unified and centrally manageable IoT platform with in-depth insights.