Edge 4 Switch 1 Fan (Colour: Black/White)

The Touch Switches can be operated using Remote controls or a mobile application. This Brings you the added comfort and luxury at your Fingertips. It is very easy and convenient to use And operate, catering to the needs of the elderly, While also satisfying the demands of the new Generation.

1).Operating Voltage : 230 V AC.

2.)Technology : Cap Sense 1 Million Touch capacity.

3.)Load : 6 AMP Load Max current per load

4.)Operating environment : Temperature : 0 to 45 C Ambine Humidity : 5% to 90% RH

5.) Load Type : CFL,LED Light,Tube Light,Resistive Load,Wired incandescent Lighting.

6) 16AMP for Air conditioner, water geyser

7) Wi-Fi / IOT Touch Switch For Home Automation. Features:

8) Wi-Fi Enable Touch switch

9) You create own App.

10) O/P Option : Wi-Fi / GPIO / Uart / I2C

11) Communication Type : Two Way.

12) SDK ( Software Development Kit)



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