Edge Touch 12 switch 2 fan

The Touch Switches can be operated using Remote controls or a mobile application. This Brings you the added comfort and luxury at your Fingertips. It is very easy and convenient to use And operate, catering to the needs of the elderly, While also satisfying the demands of the new Generation.


• Easy Installation

• Control CFL, LED Lights, Tube Light, Fan, A.C., Resistive Load, Incandescent Lighting, etc.

• Switches have surge protectors inside to handle voltage variations within the circuit

• No modification required in the internal wiring to install the smart switch – a Retrofit Module

• Perfect working is ensured even with manual switches

• Regulate fans on a tap

• Command with the voice on the integration of Google Home or Amazon Alexa

• Wi-Fi enabled product that works with/without internet connectivity

Technical Specifications:

• Touch Capacity – 1 Million

• Normal Load up to – 3 Channel 6A

• High Load up to – 1 Channel 16A

• Fan Control With Regulator – 1 Channel

• I/P Voltage Rating – 230V/50Hz

• Communication – Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz

• Environment – Temperature : 0 to 45 C Ambient Humidity : 5% to 90% RH


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